Success at the Junior Cheshire Championships

A slightly later warm up time seemed to suit ASKA Swimmers at the Junior Cheshire Championships this weekend as the Personal Bests (PBs) were flying in right from the first (slightly muted) starter’s buzzer!

A fantastic morning for the ASKA Swimming Club

The girls got proceedings under way with the 100m Individual Medley. Isabella Rimmer started the PB trail with a massive 5.75 seconds PB, coming in with a time of 1:54.86 despite throwing in a back flip during her fly to back turn. The confused official was not sure what to do so allowed the time to stand.

Our 10 year olds were not to be outshone as Eryl and Kirsty both swimming personal best times of 1:48.20 (-8 seconds) and 1:47.63 (-6.5 seconds). The young whipper snappers had thrown down the gauntlet for the old dears Cara and Mia. The question was could they keep this 100% start going?

Yes they could! Cara swam 1:31.78 (-5 seconds) and Mia 1:40.46 — a huge 7.5 second PB! Great swims. Cara just sneaked into the top 10 in a field of 27 swimmers.

I have always said that PBs in Medley swims underline progress; these results are a clear indication of the work these swimmers have put into training lately. Huge PBs all round were an unbelievable start to the day.

The boys were up next. Lucas and Archie continued the pattern. Archie swam a time of 1:30.38 and Lucas 1:33.03 — PBs of 5 and 3 seconds respectively. Brilliant! These results meant a Gold for Archie and a Bronze for Lucas.

Girls 50m Freestyle was the next event. Isabella Rimmer was up first and swam a great second 25m to secure nearly a second PB in a time of 45.06. She secured ASKA’s 2nd Gold medal of the morning. Ten-year-old Kirsty, Lucy and Eryl were up next. Lucy managed to secure a PB even with a shoulder injury with a time of 41.97. Eryl took yet another second off her time, registering a 46.97 swim. Finally, Kirsty produced a stunning swim and took 2.5 seconds off with a time of 40.72 securing another medal for ASKA — this time a bronze. The question is will she break the magical 40-second barrier next time?

The 11 year olds were up next. Mia O’Brien swam a fantastic 43.66 seconds, taking 1.5 seconds off her previous best. 
Cara, who has been stuck on 40.01 for quite some time, was up next. After recording quicker times at the club time trials, we were hoping this would be the time she achieved an official time of less than 40 seconds. She didn’t disappoint us; in a stunning swim of 35.98 she beat the time by more than four seconds. This was an awesome effort and it was great to see her reaction at the wall when she saw her time. Her swim was so quick she was caught speeding! She was 0.02 too quick for a Gold Medal! Mared and Nia completed our entry into this event and both achieved PBs with times of 37.68 and 36.86 respectively.
 These were another fantastic set of ASKA results. Well done girls!

Next was the Boys 50m Freestyle.
 A nervous Ben Hutchinson was up next. These nerves were good nerves though as they helped him produce a great swim and knock seven seconds off his previous best in a time of 43.23 seconds. Archie and Lucas met in the penultimate heat of this event and in an incredibly close run battle, Archie just touched first, recording a time of 34.13 closely followed by Lucas with 34.57. Brilliant times resulting in an ASKA first and second place in this event. Well done boys!

The Girls 50m Breast Stroke was the next event. Isabella Rimmer was up first again and got things off to a great start with a swim of 58.70 seconds. This was marginally outside her PB but still a great swim.

The 10 and 11 year olds decided to stick together. 
Eryl, Lucy and Kirsty all finished within a second of each other to secure ninth, tenth and eleveth in the results. Eryl swam 54.58 (-1sec), Lucy 54.65 and Kirsty 55.65 (-1 sec). This should provide a good close swim in the club champs.

Mared and Nia completed our entry in the 50m Breast Stroke. Swimming in adjacent lanes to each other, they were neck and neck for more or less the entire swim. Indeed, it looked like synchronised swimming during the turn and transition. In the battle between good friends, Mared managed just to pip Nia on the wall though recording a time of 48.01 (-0.24) compared to Nia’s 48.05 (-0.08). Two tiny PBs (the all count) and another close battle to look forward to.

Archie took some convincing to compete in the 50m Breast Stroke after struggling with the stroke recently but pulled out a great swim of 49.26. This time was a PB of more than two seconds and a Gold Medal for his troubles. This was brilliant.

In the final event of the morning, the Girls 200m Freestyle, Nia swam a great, solid race and secured a six second PB in a time of 3:05.79. This was another brilliant effort.

More great swimming in the afternoon

The first event for ASKA Swimmers in the afternoon was the 200m Individual Medley with Mared and Nia flying the flag in this event. Mared was up first and in a good solid swim, managed to secure a slim PB in a time of 3:29.78. In the final heat, Nia swam brilliantly and knocked another six seconds off a 200m event in a time of 3:17.77. Great effort girls in a tough event!

In the Boys 50m Backstroke, Ben was up first for ASKA and, although a little bit worried about his turn, he was able to complete it legally and record a time of 50.58 — a PB of more than two seconds. The extra tuition from big sister Hannah during the warm up clearly paid off. Archie Lynch was up next in the penultimate heat of the event. He swam an excellent time of 41.39, knocking over 1.5 seconds off his previous best and ensuring another top spot in the results table.

In the Girls 50m Backstroke, Eryl and Isabella were placed in the same heat this time and in a great battle Eryl just managed to nick it with a time of 52.34 closely followed by Isabella 53.50.
 Kirsty Cowell was up next and managed to secure her third PB in as many swims with a time of 47.21. She also secured her second Bronze medal. We are yet to see a Kirsty unleash her inner dolphin (10m + underwater!) in a competitive situation but this was the closest she has come.

Mared and Nia completed the entry, both securing slim PBs with times of 43.98 and 42.64 respectively.

In the Boys 50m Butterfly., Ben went in heat one and despite swimming while smiling at his supporters at the wall, he registered a great PB of over four seconds with a time of 58.24. Next time, listen to those supporters’ screams: “Get your head down!” 
Desperately chasing his 50m County time, next up was Lucas Robertswood. Swimming aggressively, he looked good and was on target but a lapse of concentration at the wall unfortunately earned him a DQ, which was really upsetting as the time recorded was 41.88, which would have secured his fourth county time and a first place finish. Next time mate!

In the Girls 50m Butterly, 
Eryl Searson was up first this time and swam an incredible 56.76. Nearly 10 seconds quicker than she had previously recorded. Isabella Rimmer was up next and did brilliantly to knock nearly a second off in a time of 58.80.
 Eryl’s efforts had clearly got to her elder sister as Mared forgot all about my strict breathing rules which resulted in a swim of 49.83. This was marginally outside her previous best. Unfortunately, if you don’t do as you’re told, you don’t achieve PBs.
In the penultimate heat, Cara completed our entry registering a two second PB with a great time of 43.26.

In the final heat of the final event, Archie completed our entry into this gala with a great swim in the 200m Freestyle. Archie had never swam this before competitively, but he listened well in the ‘team talk’ and stuck to the plan well, completing it in 2:57.37, which earned him a second place finish.

Coaches overall take on the event

This was yet again another fantastic gala for the ASKA Swimming Club. It was incredibly busy with events coming thick and fast. With a car to pick up from the garage at dinner time, I was unable to keep on top of the sheets during the day. Now that I have had time to do that, I am astounded by the results. The sets since September in training have been difficult and have pushed the swimmers – so it is good to see the positive effect that has had.

Swim of the Day goes to Cara McCann’s 50 Free. Smashing a sticky PB like that was great to see and the reaction at the wall topped it off nicely.

Swimmer of the Day goes to Eryl Searson, who recorded an outstanding 105 points thanks to some amazing swims, the pick of the bunch being the Medley 8 seconds PB!

Well done to ALL the swimmers! Medalists please either post pictures on Seesaw or bring your medal in to training and we will take a picture there. They need showing off.

A massive thank you goes to Hannah Hutchinson who helped out on poolside ... and with my car issues it would have been a really difficult day without her. So a big thanks to Han. You’re a star! Also, thanks to Andrew Searson for ferrying me back and forth to Kwikfit.

Roll on Winsford!

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