We use Seesaw as our main way to share and communicate with all our swimmers and parents! Your child will be able to post to Seesaw and we will also use Seesaw to send you messages and reminders. Seesaw is private; you'll only see posts created by your child.

Please Sign Up Now if you have not already done so:



  1. Click on this link:

  2. Choose your child from the list (if your child's name is not listed please let us know by contacting us via the Contact us link below)

  3. Create your account

  4. Once you are approved, you can see content from your child and other notifications


After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. 

You can also access Seesaw from a computer at

P.s. If you have more than one child at the club you do not need to create a new account for each swimmer.

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