If swimmers choose to compete in galas, our coaches record their times and track their progress against county championship times. There is no pressure to achieve these times; we simply use these times to measure each swimmer's progress. Calculating this progress as a percentage score helps us identify spikes of potential in each individual's personal best time.


On gala days, ASKA coaches give swimmers individual target sheets where all their events are listed along with their recorded personal bests, their targets (decided by the coach), the relative county qualifying time and a space to record their times.  The swimmers are scored on their performance against their target.  


Coaches then determine the 'Swimmer of the Day' by comparing the points total of each swimmer at the end of the gala. This system ensures that each swimmer takes something home from the gala, while emphasising the competition against the clock. Most importantly, this system highlights that their efforts to improve against their own times is the most important goal of the day. 

Success and confidence at galas