A professional swim21 club with a difference  

Stroke technique for efficient, faster swimming

We prefer our swimmers to swim one metre perfectly than one hundred inefficiently. Our coaches take a patient approach that focuses on developing optimal stroke and breathing techniques. This can involve analysing stroke technique from every angle using a specialised pool with over- and under-water cameras. When children watch themselves swimming and modify their technique, they can make impressive progress.


With optimal technique, our swimmers can cover greater distances even faster. When swimmers practice a less than ideal technique, they are more prone to injury and they struggle to progress despite spending hours and hours training each week. And when they stop progressing, they are more likely to quit. More efficient swimming leads to progress and success builds confidence and a life-long love of swimming.


Competitive skills help prepare children for life


Technique matters, but so do other skills. ASKA coaches empower swimmers to train towards their goals, while enjoying swimming as a way of exercising for life. We develop competitive skills in our swimmers by tracking their progress against county championship times, setting individual targets, and enrolling swimmers in galas.


Although we don’t believe in overtraining children, we do value results. That’s why our club has achieved swim21 accreditation, which is Swim England’s (SE) quality mark. We also continue to use the National Teaching Plan alongside various SE awards to help celebrate achievements. 


A patient training approach for a balanced childhood

As a club, we believe that children need to feel a sense of achievement as well as balance in childhood. A child’s life should not be consumed by swimming alone. That’s why we encourage our swimmers to pursue other hobbies and interests too.


We ensure that children only increase their training hours and competition opportunities when they are psychologically and physically ready to do so. An over trained young swimmer's moment in the limelight would be short lived. On the other hand, a more patient teaching approach that refines technique, promotes fun and celebrates achievements is more beneficial. 

ASKA Swimming Club Gala

The ASKA Swimming Club excels at instilling great technique as a foundation for success, and prides itself on encouraging children to fulfil their potential through practice and steady progress. The ASKA Swimming Club is not only about results though; our club is renowned for its supportive and fun culture too. Here’s a little more detail about our winning approach: